Friday, August 16, 2013

painting frenzy

little by little, the creative wheels are turning again.

this is the first summer break during which i've actually submitted to the break!

see i am the kind of creative who needs space, quiet, alone-ness to fully relax and produce a painting.

i usually have noise of some sort going in the background, but i can shut if off when i need to.

and, it's controlled noise...not boy noise, which, well, kinda goes with summer break!

enough said?

so, anywho, this summer, i grew up some and gave in to the dailyness of summer.

and i needed it. the break. the rest.

to gather inspiration, think, refuel, learn, focus on soul issues.

BUT! the last few days have been crazy, color filled days.

i think i sense the winding down of the break.

whatever the reason, it's been fun and insightful for me.

here's one of the results:

you can see more from the last few days here.

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  1. OOOO thank you for all makes me giggle and my heart happy....beautiful play as usual...not another like you He created!!


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