Tuesday, September 3, 2013

letting go

it looked like this for a couple of days.

i knew it wasn't "there" yet, but was waiting for the next step.

i felt like i needed to funkify the bird in order to balance all that red hair.

but still i looked and waited.

then a friend called and during the conversation she mentioned what she read in the painting.

as i was listening to her, i was looking at the painting and it hit me-

"letting go". acrylic and mixed media on hardboard. 14" w x 18" h

what a treat it was to watch this painting come to life.

i almost abstracted something else from the background because i'm not so good at painting profiles.

but the outline of her face was calling to me- i could "see" it.

and, in the end, i stepped toward it, even though i felt out of my element.

everything begins with one step.

everyday is an exercise in letting go of what tangles up our hearts.

one step leads us to where we were not the step before.

o Lord, help me step in your direction more and more often.


  1. Mystele this is beautiful. I love how it turned out! And your words come to me at the perfect time! I need to let go of a lot of things...fear being the biggest one. And taking one step at time is something I really need to focus on! I hope you have a great week!

  2. Crazy in love with this one Mystele!!!! Her lips, her hand and her sleeve are pulling me in to look closer and it is all Love for this one!!!

  3. Mystele, yet again you have wowed me with one of your pieces. When you are ready to put her in the shop please, please, please let me know. She NEEDS to come stay at my house.......permanently.

  4. I read about your art when I knew about soul food; then I subscribed in this community. Your art is very unique. I love your whimsy in it. In this particular art, I love the big huge curly hair., lips, and hand. They called my attention. I wonder what is the conversation between those two guys. Fascinated with your color palette. Thanks for sharing!!!!


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