Tuesday, January 7, 2014

a little time to catch my breath

so far in january i've...

  • completed a commissioned painting for a dental technician at our dentist's office

  • launched Soul Food with jeanette, heather and 36 other wonderful peeps!

  • began the road to pulmonary rehabilitation thanks to my new super smart pulmonologist!

  • lost a couple more fat pounds thanks to a hubby who is shopping "clean-er" for my body!

  • began a crazy room rearrange upstairs giving me a studio with a door again and the family a second family room again...everything (except my studio) is still a mess, but we'll get there.

  • made it through the lowest temps these lungs have ever experienced in my lifetime and that this area has seen in 20 years!

  • found some time to experiment in my art journal

  • started reading through this challenging little book as a pre-cursor to the book we'll be reading in our young adult ministry at church- i just love anything that deals with American Christianity (or cultural Christianity) versus biblical Christianity. reading for change in me!

i'd say that's a pretty good start to a new year. thank you, God!!

big eyes, infinite JOY,



  1. Mystele, I love the new commission!!

  2. Wow! Is that all! You've moved again. Does your family play musical rooms? Lovely art piece for dental tech, very cute. Nice icicles, we are probably having our mildest winter. Happy to hear that you are getting improved medical help. I have put on 10 pounds over Christmas, that is an estimate, but sure feels like it. Not sure I understand what American Versus Biblical Christianity is, not that I would necessarily understand if I knew :) I looked it up, answer didn't help :))

  3. Oh love this painting, like all your paintings. Glad you are getting some lung exercises. I cannot imagine how cold Chicago feels with all that wind. Keep cozy with the family and enjoy exploring your new book. xox

  4. Dear Mystele- I wished we lived closer. Your art work is so inspiring. Please stay well, I need you

  5. Oh Dear One....sooo glad to see you playing and re arranging!! What else can you do when the outdoors is frozen!? I got cabin fever with not so frozen weather in Texas, but lots of dark days and rain and just cold.....the need for a lighted window and art sure helps!! So love your work of arts and so glad to see some colorful expressions of "Mystele"....just brightens my day and INSPIRES! The book by David Platt is one I want to read....my children recommended it....they are in their early forties.....so I should listen! I am into radical these days.... needing something real! ACTUALLY JUST NEED TO PAINT!!! Love you, pray for you and look forward to your color!! So glad you are taking care of those lungs! And "thanks" to hubby for buying you good food!

  6. Mystele I love that commissioned painting...the colors are awesome as is the whole composition. The temps up here in the mountains of VA have been unbelievable being in the minus for weeks on end each morning...it was 7below this morning...windows in the trailer are frozen shut. I have been painting on canvas all thru all this snow tho, and it's been a true blessing that I didn't run out of paint..hehehBlessings sweetie...will be checking in often now that I've deleted many of the places I used to visit.....

  7. Mystele,It is a really fabulous book - absolutely life-changing. A book that I keep coming back to as a travel along. I'm not from North America, but I think the values are universally true. Your young adults group will love it, and grow from it. Blessings, Sarah xo


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