Saturday, July 5, 2014

new paintings on my etsy shop walls!

thanks so much to those of you who made purchases in my most recent shop update. my family and i are so very appreciative of your patronage.  

i've been doing lots of thinking about "selling".  there is some debate/varying opinion in the art community about how to best do this and whether prices should ever be lowered when you have established collectors and lots of other stuff. 

however, i have to go with my gut on this. i truly enjoy the act of creating something new with acrylics and mixed media, and, it's always a bonus to sell work.  my family does need my art income, but the real pleasure for me in selling is the SPACE it provides (literal and mental) so that i can make more paintings without the sense that my space is closing in on me!  when paintings just sit around, i begin to feel stifled. i often re-work paintings that aren't selling, but, frankly, that gets old! the bottom line for me is that i'd rather sell my work at less than the listed price than have it sit around forever, taking up my "space". 

so i've decided to add this note to my shop and each of my listings:
** need to reserve a painting or make a "best offer"? please, let's discuss!

i hope this change will :
  1. afford more people the opportunity to collect and gift my art , and 
  2. keep my studio & mental space lighter so that i can create more work!

big eyes, infinite JOY,



  1. I think this is only critical if you have an agent, galleries, etc., involved. Or if many images of a certain size have been sold, and now you are selling the rest for a less expensive price. One way to get around this is to have a seasonal sale, across the board. . . ? Otherwise, mama needs a new pair of shoes! Sale ON! And you can always call it by that type of name: A "space" sale!

    1. oooo! love the idea and thanks for the info!

  2. it's been ages since stopping by missy! and i am always delighted as i was today to peruse "YOU", loving YOU as i always have. and your message speaks right to me right now and i bet many others. Much love and strength and HAPPY MORE PAINTINGS! OX

  3. I just found out about you from Scraps of Color member and so glad I did!!! You and your story sounds like me and mine. I am a self taught mixed media artist too that has had some similar emotion challenges. Art has become apart of my voice and expression and I just love it. I would like to start selling mine and still early in the process. So cheers to you and wishing you the best. Keep it up! :)


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