Thursday, January 29, 2015

painting my mixed media art journal cover and a journal spread

warming up for Soul Food 2015!!!

big eyes, infinite JOY,



  1. I am always entranced by the way you add layer upon layer, changing color, using a light hand with the paint, making marks with tools and never being afraid of "ruining" what you've already set down.
    Enchanting results every time.
    Thanks for sharing, once again.
    Oh, and what kind of paper is this journal filled with? Drawing paper? Watercolor paper? What will it be? I know you like to add and add, so it seems the paper must be something heavy. ? Just curious, as always.

  2. So excited to be starting SOON!!

  3. Love your process. Looking so forward to soul food. xox

  4. Awesome! I love the looseness you are working with! - Irma


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