Monday, February 8, 2016

not quite, but almost

this is one of the paintings i created for Altered Images which is a class i teach at Big Picture Classes.

it has a nostalgic quality, but...i don't love it. so i finally found some time to start reworking it. i sanded over the face and neck because the painting was sealed. i used a craft knife to tear away the text, and i covered over the neck and face with collage and gesso. i removed the chipboard flower and sanded down the papery bits of what remained. what's left will be used for texture when i add a painted flower in her hair. and, of course, i ended up sketching a face. go figure.

i have a real thing for faces and figures. i don't know what it is. every now and again i move off the beaten path, but eventually, i'm right back at it again. filmed the process of this small transformation and posted video links below. enjoy!





big eyes, infinite JOY,


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